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Fleet 2 is currently the largest Ultimate 20 fleet in the country.  The fleet participates in a number of regattas every year; the highlights being the CKOD, Mid-winters, and the LNYC club series.  Someone is almost always looking for crew so if you are interested please reach out the fleet captain Treez Decker.

2018 North Americans Champion - Tim Porter
2018 CKOD Champion - BJ Jones
2018 Club Series Champion - BJ Jones
2018 Mid-Winter Champion - BJ Jones


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Lake Norman is the home of Fleet 2


21 Mighty Mouse Tim Porter  
25 fore Don Corey     
57 u too Treez Decker Ken Corsig
75 Smoke Jim Juhl  Jim Baldwin
87 Work Release    John Park John Ketner
88 A3 Mark Aspland      
148 u too 2 Ken Corsig      Treez Decker    


La Dolce Vita Chris & Bonnie Gorni
151 Rumbullion BJ Jones   
154 uh-huh Dean Nelson   
174 Zulu Bob McGrath
187 No Soup For You
Scott Olson   




Fast, Fun, Friendly and Fair!