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Welcome to Lightning Fleet 415

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Lake Norman Yacht Club

Fleet 415 is beginning to get some traction and is growing fast. There are three more members in the works with the possibility of a few more this year. If you are interested in joining our fleet and need a boat, please see the bottom of this page. The Southeastern Region has been growing very fast over the past few years. The flagship fleet really seems to be the Charleston group. In addition, boats in the Raleigh, Winston-Salem and Greensboro areas are looking for a home fleet to attach themselves to.If you are interested in joining our fleet or looking to crew, drop us an email. Also, check out our Photo Page!

The 2017 Spring Championship and Stopover Regatta has been scheduled for April 29-30, 2017. Stay tuned for more information.

 The Calendar Below shows the events being held around the Southeastern District and beyond. The events with an (*) represent Southeastern District Scored Events. For more information on these events, visit


Fleet Roster

  • Bill Wiggins - #14044/15543
  • Ken Corsig - #15184
  • Rick Simpson* - #14432
  • Corky Gray* - 7592

* non LNYC member




  • 2014 Fisher Cut Mainsail & Fisher Cut Jib- Used in only a few events. $1100. Email
  • 2014 North DSD Super-Max Spinnaker - Silver & Green. Used in only a few events. A couple of small repairs. Incredibly fast! $1000. Email