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RC Duty Swap

Jul 22-23 RC Duty. Swap for ANY other weekend.
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Hi John, do you still need someone to swap? I can swap for September 1-2. Mike Sommer

I think you mean July 21-22? I can swap for Jun 23-24

Don Webb
I have been assigned May 12-13th if you would like to swap with me.


Jacob Terrell

I have been assigned 2 fun sails on Friday 7/6 and Friday 72/27 and would gladly swap these two days for 7/22 and 7/23.

I am on vacation 7/6 and working 7/27

Walter Rothschild
336-613-1415 cell
I have to swap my RC duty on July 22-23 due to a family commitment. Im willing to swap for ANY later date. Please give me a call or send a message. Thank you, John Collins
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